VanuatuVanuatu president hopes for united stand with Fiji on Papua

Vanuatu president hopes for united stand with Fiji on Papua


Vanuatu’s president Baldwin Lonsdale says it is the country’s hope that Vanuatu and Fiji will eventually unite to address the issue of West Papua.

The Vanuatu Daily Post reports Mr Lonsdale made the comments as he welcomed Fiji’s newly appointed High Commissioner to Vanuatu, Esala Teleni.

Vanuatu President, Baldwin Lonsdale. Vanuatu President, Baldwin Lonsdale.

Photo: AFP

He says Vanuatu has been very vocal on such sensitive issues, and it hoped that overtime, there would be a joining of hands to address what he described as the inhumane treatment received by the Melanesians in West Papua.

Mr Lonsdale says it is a challenge for the Pacific, especially Melanesians, to stand united with the Melanesians of Indonesia’s Papua region.

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