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Government urged to honour Jayapura Resolutions


Interim Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of ULMWP, Kaloran (right) addresses Vanua Riki Council of Chiefs on ULMWP Congress at the Shefa Education Conference Hall


The United Liberation Movement of West Papua Interim Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Morris Kaloran, wishes to ask the Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and the Government, on behaif of Vanua Riki Council of Chiefs of Shefa Province, to abide by the Resolutions of the first ever ULMWP Congress in Jayapura, West Papua, from November 20-23.

The Congress which was attended by over 5,000 people from the seven Regions of West Papua, resolved that Benny Wenda be the Interim President of ULMWP and Edison Waromi the Interim Prime Minister.

On the same note the Congress resolved that the election of the ULMWP Congress in Port Vila “be null and void”.

Meanwhile, the Maraki Vanua Council of Chiefs of Shefa Province has met to ponder the sudden arrival of an unofficial group from West Papua this week.

On the same note, the VFWPA President Lae Sakita could not believe his ears about the unexpected arrival of the group from West Papua.

Reliable sources said the group is expected to dispute the results of the first ever ULMWP Congress in Jayapura last month (November 20-23).

According to the rumours, the group which is understood to be accompanied by some Indonesians, would argue their case to the Government to agree to recognise the former ULMWP Executive which was elected in Owen Hall at PMC, following the Melanesian Arts Festival last August.

Interim President Wenda said, “The majority of West Papuans who attended the ULMWP Congress in Jayapura, have rejected the results of the ULMWP Summit II Commique because it is considered unconstitutional, where the ULMWP Constitution clearly and explicitly states that dismissal, appointment and inauguration of executive. legislative and judicial leaders. can only be done through the Congress, and not through the Summit”.

In Port Vila, Sakita said for the uninvited group to try to dispute the resolution approved by over 5,000 West Papuans, reflects their internal issues which the Govrnment, VFWPA, the National Council of Chiefs, Vanuatu Christian Council and the people of all six Provinces in the country, should not tolerate or hear because it reflects a total lack of respect on their part for Vanuatu’s unfailing support for their struggle.

akita reminded the group of the “West Papua child” called ULMWP which was born in the ‘nasara’ of the Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs in 2014.

“As such, I wish to advise any West Papua individuals who could be supported by Jakarta, not to try to use external politics to attempt to derail what the National Council of Chiefs has successfully set up for the freedom of the West Papua through ULMWP nine years ago”, he said.

“Our Government and people are still recovering from constant political instability in the last month which impacted a protest march by youths to Parliament to petition the Prime Minister to get his acts together.

“Whatever West Papua internal differences between yourselves and Mr. Wenda’s Executive, We wish to assure the ULMWP President that we stand united with the results of the ULMWP Congress in Jayapura”.

The Mariki Vanua Riki Council of Chiefs has resolved to meet with the Executive Committee of VFWPA to discuss the way ahead for future engagement by the latter.

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