VanuatuPresident Lonsdale talks West Papua with Fiji

President Lonsdale talks West Papua with Fiji


Head of State,president Baldwin Lonsdale says it is the country’s hope that one day Vanuatu and Fiji will unite to address the issue of West Papua.

As he welcomed the newly appointed High Commissioner of Fiji to Vanuatu, Esala Teleni,last week President Lonsdale pointed out that having such a bigger partner in the Pacific Region has indeed contributed to the development of island nation states, especially with regards to the fulfillment of the MSG.

“Your continued confidence in making trades with Vanuatu in the items specified by the MSG will continue to flow in the many years to come and we welcome this continuity in a conductive environment,” he said.

“With regards, our cooperate effort for common causes, I wish to also express our respect to your Government for our mutual similarities in standing together in regional and international forums in promoting peace and security globally, and more recently, with our solidarity for other marginalized Melanesian of West Papua. It is a challenge for the Pacific, especially Melanesian brothers to stand united with them.

“Indeed our global united voice in these forums along with our other partners world-wide has assisted us to continue to experience this conductive environment in the Pacific Region.

“It is our sincere hope that our fellow brothers are exhibiting to our fellow neighbors in the Region. Vanuatu has been very vocal in these sensitive issues, and we are hoping that overtime, we will eventually join hands in addressing the in-humane treatment received by the Melanesians in West Papua”.

The Head of State re-affirmed the similarities of both countries once more in their attitude and approach in Regional Co-operations as reflected in the collective pursuit for Peace and further strengthening their Socioeconomic well-being.

“In this way, the harmonious spirit between out two countries will surely have a healthy working and trading relationship for many years to come,”he said.

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