FWPC South-AfricaFree West Papua Campaign Cape Town workshop on West Papua

Free West Papua Campaign Cape Town workshop on West Papua


SOUTH AFRICA – Today Free West Papua Campaign base in Cape town, South Africa had workshop at Moholo Live House which is the outcomes and increase awareness, including strategise to convince our government and South African citizen aware of ongoing genocide in West Papua where Indonesia treat them because they black race as Black African on Sunday 3 May 2015.

The workshop “Moholo Live House” focus on how to Free West Papua Campaign Cape town can mobile and raising awareness about the Indonesia brutality, criminal act, and stop Indonesia oppression on our brothers and sisters in West Papua.

We have resolved to host a grassroots solidarity summit on West Papua. Host a West Papua film festival and a West Papua solidarity drama festival. We also call on every activist to use every available platform to raise awareness about the plight of West Papua. West Papuans needs our solidarity as we speak. More 500 000 people have been killed for their mineral wealth and West Papuans are denied their basic human rights by the occupying Indonesian racist force.

Take a stand say no to Indonesian colonialism and apartheid . Therefore, we call black people world wide is organising to help the West Papuan people on the long road to freedom. 

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