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The free West Papua movement is growing every day across Africa | INFOPAPUA
FWPC South-AfricaThe free West Papua movement is growing every day across Africa

The free West Papua movement is growing every day across Africa


News from Cape Town, South Africa. The free West Papua movement is growing every day across Africa.

“The West Papua Solidarity Campaign had a very fruitful day,firstly we attended the Way Of Life church service . Where there was a screening and discussion on the ” black and white doll” documentary. ”

“Before the discussion Revend Xola Skosana indicated that his church is in a mission to “deconstruct black churches in South Afrika”. Towards the end of the service and discussions Rev Xola Skosana said “Black people must do everything inn their power to dismantle white supremacy, which manifests itself in white privilege. He said even in our prayers we must pray for the destruction of white privilege and white power.” “He said white power and black misery cannot coexist”. ”

“We met with Rev Xola Skosana at the end of the service and we asked him to be a patron of the West Papua Solidarity Campaign, of which he hopped on board and whom we are going to be working closely with from now onwards. We also proposed the following from Rev Xola Skosana: For the West Papua Solidarity Campaign to host a Grassroots Solidarity Summit at his church on Sat 30 May. This is intended to bring together all the youth groups, church groups, sports groups, political, cultural and any societal group that exist under one roof to discuss the struggle for self determination in West Papua. Rev Skosana agreed to this and provided the venue for free.”

” We also requested the the church screens a West Papua documentary, and for Sunday 14 June to be dedicated for solidarity with West Papua. To this he agreed to aswel. A third request was for the West Papua solidarity drama festival which we intend to host at the church on Saturday 27 June and all the above Rev Xola Skosana embraced with open arms.”

“After the service we went to the Makhaza park at the Sounds Of the South – SOS event where my leader Nkwame was given a platform to preach about the plight of the West Papuans,and WE DISTRIBUTED the West Papua Solidarity Campaign pamphlets there. Our talk and pamphlets were well received and we took a group picture with the participants.”

“And of the many things he spoke about was that of ‘europhobia’ fear of the white supremacy according to him the black people are afraid of the white privilege hence they turn their anger on another black man.And on another note thousands and thousands of women are being raped and bludgeoned to death in the Democratic Republic of Congo on daily basis in the Congo War. The women whose children gets killed in the streets of America, the victims of senseless killings in Burundi are children of women too. Those that were killed on the dusty streets on south Afrika due to the socalled xenophobic attacks are children of women too. We also salute the women of West Papua for their endurance under Indonesian colonialism!! So as we celebrate the mothers day we must also remember the plight of these women. Happy mothers day.”

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