West Papua HeadlinesIndonesian minister: “Foreign media should obtain permits to cover Papua”

Indonesian minister: “Foreign media should obtain permits to cover Papua”


The Indonesian government has gone back on their promise to open West Papua to foreign journalists and is once again making a long list of conditions they want journalists to obey.

“Foreign media should obtain permits to cover Papua so, we will not be blamed if they go to forbidden areas. Their reports must not contain defamatory content and information that is not based on facts and discredits Indonesia. They should not seek untrue data provided by armed groups. The news published by foreign media describes that the situation is full of violations. I think it is not true,” This was all said by the “Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno”.

These conditions mean that foreign journalists will not be allowed to report on the truth in West Papua. Any reports about the real situation will “discredit Indonesia” because they will show the world that the Indonesian government is committing genocide in West Papua.…/foreign-media-should-obtain-per…

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