• All Eyes on Papua: President Wenda statement Read more >

    All Eyes on Papua: President Wenda statement

    June 10, 2024 in Statement For years, West Papuans have been telling the world that we are the victims of two connected crimes: genocide and ecocide. Over 500,000 Papuans have been killed since the Indonesian occupation began in the 1960s, while millions of acres of ancestral land – forests, rivers, and mountains – have been […]

  • ULMWP President confirms Government-in-waiting

    By Len Garae President Benny Wenda (centre) formalises Government-in-waiting in PNG. The United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) has held a major internal meeting on the Island of New Guinea to reaffirm the Resolutions of the 2023 Congress. Approved by ULMWP President Benny Wenda and Prime Minister (PM) Edison Waromi, 12 Cabinet Ministers […]

  • Final Declaration Read more >

    Final Declaration

    Final Declaration By Len Garae Feb 10, 2018Final DeclarationFaces of West Papua struggle from left to right: Andy Ayamiseba, Benny Wenda, Barak Sope, Rex Rumakiek, and Paula Makabory pose with final declarations “I as the founder of the Free West Papua Movement or Organisasi Papua Merdeka (OPM) want to acknowledge and support the United Liberation […]

  • Kaloran appointed ULMWP Special Envoy Read more >

    Kaloran appointed ULMWP Special Envoy

    Vanuatu now has a new Interim Special Envoy for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP). He is Mr. Morris Kaloran, formerly the Interim Deputy Foreign Minister to West Papua. People have questioned how someone from Lumbukuti village, one of Tongoa Island’s 14 villages, became appointed to such an important role for another country’s […]

  • ULMWP President in Vanuatu to establish office Read more >

    ULMWP President in Vanuatu to establish office

    United Liberation Movement of West Papua’s (ULMWP) Interim President, Mr. Benny Wenda, arrived at Port Vila International Airport yesterday as the first ever ULMWP President to be elected by over 5,000 indigenous delegates from within West Papua. He was welcomed on his arrival by a delegation of the Maraki Vanua Riki Council of Chiefs of […]


    Sebuah Gambar dapat berbicara seribu kata. Blog ini berisi gambar-gambar kegiatan Free West Papua Campaign di Inggris dan program TURKAM (turun kampung) dari Pemimpin Papua Merdeka, Tuan Benny Wenda ke berbagai kampung di wilayah Kerajaan Inggris Raya.  

  • Photos of Benny Wenda’s visit to Sydney Read more >

    Photos of Benny Wenda’s visit to Sydney

    Photos of Benny Wenda’s visit to Sydney Although Benny was in Sydney only 3 days he had a packed program starting on Monday 23rd with an interview on Koori Radio and two by phone with Maori Radio. After the  Koori Radio interview Benny also attended an important meeting with Geoff Scott, ‎CEO at the National Congress […]

  • West Papua report given to Ban ki Moon at Humanitarian Summit

     Source 9:23 pm GMT+12, 25/05/2016, Turkey UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon has been presented with the West Papua Fact Finding Mission Report titled “We Will Lose Everything” by PIANGO’s executive director, Emele Duituturaga. Duituturaga presented the report to Ban Ki Moon during day two of the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, Turkey. The report […]

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