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Indonesian Military and Police arrested 116 West Papuan civilians in Tembagapura | INFOPAPUA
State TerrorismIndonesian Military and Police arrested 116 West Papuan civilians in Tembagapura

Indonesian Military and Police arrested 116 West Papuan civilians in Tembagapura


TEMBAGAPURA – Indonesian military and police arrested, striped, and tortured West Papuan civilian whereas USA biggest gold mine company on Wednesday, (7/01/2014) in Timika, West Papua.

Indonesia tried to created violence, after Indonesian military success to killed five West Papuan people and 13 others injured when Indonesian troops which are military and police open fired into a crowd of civilians in the highlands region of Paniai on December 2014 last year.

Indonesian military and police are continuing brutality against West Papuan civilian where Indonesian torturing, intimidating and terrorized 116 people where 48 of them were women and children. However, 100 of them have been arrested near the mining area the village is called Utikini village. Indonesian police officer, Yotje Mende said, “ we obtained them because they did peaceful protest with the banners content of REFERENDUM and REJECT Act of Free Choice 1969. The protesters have not right to make peaceful protest in Indonesia because West Papua should accepted Indonesia is the better future, even we can do whatever we want, because under Indonesia law allowing us to arrest them, torture them and we will shot them, with the arrogance face Indonesian military and police officer.

Since this news, the Indonesian Police Chief and Commander, and members of the army/police are operating and arrogantly burning the houses, included arresting many West Papuan civilian too.

“To chase the West Papuan group Indonesian military chief commander orders 1,576 personnel since January 2nd, when I visited Timika, ” said the Indonesian Police Chief.

Indonesia always uses this strategy to target the huge numbers of civilians and peaceful activists who are working for West Papuans legal right to self-determination. “We are not striving For Welfare, Economics, and Development but struggled to “Self-Determination” determine our own future.”

The behind of the Indonesian military and police brutality are justified them to build new military bases in Timika, Meraukwe, Manokwari and Sorong because Indonesia new president elected Joko Widodo already have been announced on December last year 2014 before he visit to West Papua for Christmas celebrations whereas Indonesia government is not bringing the murderer of the five West Papuan student, including the children who have been shot by Indonesian special forces to the court and justice, but the murderess have been given medal by Indonesian chief commander.

Therefore, we need international community to keep monitoring the situation right now, because Indonesia have not yet release of 116 civilian and they are detained in Tembagapura, Timika only because they are holding the banner, of “REFERENDUM and REJECT Act of Free Choice 1969”. We believe that, without your support West Papua never free from Indonesia colonial and slavery.

Indonesian military and police torturing, and terrorising civilian



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