Demo & ProtestIndonesian Police blockade Papua People’s Action and 200 people arrested including one person shot dead

Indonesian Police blockade Papua People’s Action and 200 people arrested including one person shot dead


JAYAPURA – Police blockade Papua People’s Action, But People Not Give Up. May 1st, West Papua, around 200 people arrested, reports of 1 person shot dead and others in hospital on Friday (01/05/2015) in Nabire – West Papua.

Secretary of the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB), Nesta Ones Suhuniap said Indonesian police blockaded the peaceful demonstrations of the people of West Papua to reject Indonesia in West Papua was held today, May 1, 2015 in a number of regions in Papua.

However, the word he was, people did not give up. A number of other areas still held demonstrations. West Papua National, Liberation Coalition For chaired by Richard H. Joweni, Parliament National West Papua (PNWP) chaired by Buctar Tabuni, Federal Republic of West Papua (NRFPB), Ev. Waromi Edison, SH, under the umbrella of the United Liberation Movement For West Papua (ULMWP) has given mandate to the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) to mediate between the people of Papua to hold the action in today to reject the annexation of Papua by Indonesia.

“Action Papuans mediated by KNPB in Manokwari, Jayapura and Merauke blockaded and reportedly forcibly disbanded by the military and police”, said Ones, Friday (01/05/2015) in Jayapura.

Secretary of KNPB said, if there is worst and unprofessional behaviour of the Indonesian military and police where brutalise our peaceful protest today all of over West Papua including some areas that have been confirmed to WPNews for the staged refusal of Indonesia in Papua is Region KNPB Sorong, Manokwari Regional KNPB, KNPB Biak Region, Region KNPB the consortium, KNPB Territory Kaimana, KNPB Timika region, Region KNPB Wamena, KNPB Territory Yakuhimo, KNPB Center Jayapura, KNPB Consulate Manado, Gorontalo KNPB Consulate. While KNPB a number of areas such as Nabire reportedly held a press conference to express rejection of the annexation.






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