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Indonesian Forces Tortured, Massive arrests, and Burning the Houses in Utikini Villages – Tembagapura | INFOPAPUA
War of TerrorIndonesian Forces Tortured, Massive arrests, and Burning the Houses in Utikini Villages – Tembagapura

Indonesian Forces Tortured, Massive arrests, and Burning the Houses in Utikini Villages – Tembagapura


TEMBAGAPURA – Hundreds of innocent civilian has been arrested and tortured by Indonesian military and police without no clear evidence as, they wasn’t members of the West Papua Revolution Army (TRPB) under the leadership of Ayub Waker operating region of Timika . In fact that officers have given orders to arrests, torture of civilians, including burning their houses in the Utikini villages. The purpose of this arrest civilians, is manipulated as a suspect of shooter in areal mine company and is trying to blame on innocent civilians or (TRPB), althought to justified Indonesia brutality on arrested 116 West Papuan civilians on Wednesday (07-08/1/2015) in Utikini viliges, Tembagapura, Timika – West Papua.

After successfully capturing 116 West Papuan civilians from yesterday (07/1/2014), the Indonesian military and police launching at second day operations (08/1/2014) still ongoing which is terrorising civilian. However, the brutality behaviour of Indonesian military is not the first time, but this it has happened more then 52 years. We believed that become Indonesian military and police habit since Indonesia illegal occupation of West Papua in 1963 and more particularly when approaching every new year whereas Indonesian military has alway created the violence, which is make sure if the company will under treat of indigenous people and the company need security. in fact that Indonesian military and police can get benefit and have operational funds of foreign companies on the grounds of security costs. Therefore, Indonesia military still launching military operation and make sure the multinational company owned by USA, Australia, including 22 countries operated together to robbery and theft from West Papuan people. However, America, Australia, United Kingdom included 22 countries never condemning innocent civilian has been murdered, unfortunately the America and others countries just interested West Papua resources, it is not human.

While Indonesian military operation, some of the innocent civilian have been tortured as like as animals, some of them have been shot and Indonesian military is not provided them with medical or hospital for them.

On first dayoperation January 7th, 2015 the Indonesian military and police arrested 116 , including second day operation which are 65 innocent civilian in the Utikini villages, Tembagapura district and they all immediately have taken to the metropolitan police for questioning Mimika without represented of their lawyer and a letter of arrest warrant .

Until now, Indonesian army, police, and special forces unit are still continuing burning the people houses, their garden, and Indonesian army is searching innocent and pro independent activist from house to house, but Indonesian army, police and special forces are being tortured them, threatened them with death, beaten them, even their body is covered in blood as a result atmosphere was unwell right now.

Please share widely. Indonesian army, police and special forces are to STOP continuing arresting, stripping, and torturing innocent civilian whereas arrests take place near the world biggest gold mine.










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